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This is an ongoing project, my plan being to constantly update the videos presented here with newer, more accurate and hopefully more accomplished presentations of the Sequences and subroutines in Srivatsa Ramaswami's book, as well as adding notes to the individual postures and sequences.


This blog has only just gone LIVE and may be suffering teething problems as I attempt to upload the 120 odd videos of sequences and subroutines over the next couple of weeks. Please let me know if you notice any videos that have been attached to the wrong post or anything else that is clearly unintended.
Most of the videos posted right now are early attempts at the sequences and subroutines and wont correspond exactly to the instructions in Ramaswami's book. I'll try to point those cases out in the post and eventually get around to re-filming the clips.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pratyahara Shanmukhi mudra (sealing the senses )

Pratyahara Shanmukhi mudra


  1. Like it, interesting mudra, reminds me of that picture of the three monkeys hear not speak not see not...

  2. yeah, me too : )
    Wasn't sure about it at first but it's been growing on me. I try to make the breath soft and keep it up for about five mintes. The fingers are touching very lightly, almost symbolic, except for the ears which are closed. I've practiced it in savasana too.